About us

DigitalWill tv Store

DigitalWill tv of IT Alumni International is a Computer Management Company with a Discount Marketplace where people can  Buy and Sell Everything Cheap.The 1st Discount Online-Offline Shopping System introduced to help our Communities reach their desired goals. A Registered Marketplace Facilitator of Nevada.

We Connect you to Potential Buyers and Sellers Worldwide.

Our Mission: Showcasing and Improving Our Communities Digital Lifestyle via Direct and Indirect  Authentic Stress-free Shopping.

Getting Involved?

We Accept Membership Form Request from Interested Sponsors,Partners,Affiliates,Sellers and Buyers Worldwide.

Please Note: Due to the huge daily requests,our processing time is been delayed.Please bear with us as we are making all effort to Serve you better.

How to Become an Active Seller?

1. A non Refundable Annual Membership Signup Fee of $50.00 USD is Required(A Package of 10 Listing Max. with Monthly Editing) for direct and Indirect Sellers.

2.Monthly Maintenance Fee of $29.99 USD Non Refundable(Indirect Sellers)

Indirect Sales:

Customers or Buyers contact Seller directly for Purchase and Delivery via DigitalWill tv Store (italumni.store)website for Products or Services listed/banner Ads displayed.

3. (1)Monthly Maintenance Fee of $19.99 USD  Non Refundable(Direct Sellers)

(2) 18% Commission of total valued fee sold item(s) taxes excluded(Direct Sales),taxes for direct sales,purchased item(s)are collected by DigitalWill tv of IT Alumni International,in compliance to the Nevada State Tax Law.

Customers or Buyers make direct payment to DigitalWill tv of IT Alumni International for item(s)and delivery via DigitalWill tv Store (italumni.store)website for Products or Services listed/banner Ads displayed.

Direct Sales:

Package includes Listing,Promotion,Payment Processing,Handling and Shipping Labeling to the Seller

IT Alumni Money Back Guarantee See detailed Information

seller Receives payment after 15 days of item(s)duly purchased and delivered 

Sellers are required to signup at the affiliate account,get approval,login and make above concerned payment,get product(s) listed and start selling on DigitalWill tv Store/other Platforms.

Start Selling and Earning Income With Us?

Affiliate/Referral Sales commission is only available for Direct Sale on DigitalWill tv Store.

Affiliate Sales Commission applies to valued item total fee,except taxes. DigitalWill pays 5% of total valued item fee,except taxes to the Affiliate Account holder saved bank account details in our system on item bought and fully paid by the Buyer associated to the Affiliate account holder at DigitalWill tv Store(italumni.store) and item(s) Delivered with No returns.See information on "Article 14" managed payment.

Currently DigitalWill tv Store offers free local shipping and pickup services to direct sale Buyers,cost for returned item(s)shipment to the Seller will be covered by the Buyer,this service is applicable to United States Buyers only.International Shipping cost will be totally covered by the Buyer.